miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

I dream about her

We promised so many things in the past, and this was one of them. Another broken promise. I dream about her.

We talked a lot about us. We knew all the impossibility that surround us. But after three years without her, I dreamed her for the first time.

She is in another world and I'm surviving in my own. We used to laugh a lot, enjoy our moments with kisses, caresses and sex. I never call her girlfriend, she never call me his boyfriend, we neither celebrate our aniversaries. We were just attracting at each other in an energic way.

I even forgot her. I'm married with two children. I'm happily married with two wonderful children. But even that, I dreamed about her.

I was in my bedroom, alone, when suddenly colorful lights came from the closet. I opened and there she was, exactly like the last time we see each other. Her long blonde hair, her skinny and athletic body, wearing a white blouse and short jeans.
- Look at this - she said to me.- This is so wonderful -
She showed to me a clever game in her mobile phone.
- What are you doing? - I was naked, only covered by the white sheets.
- I don't know - she putted away the cell phone.- I feel so good with you. Like this, this is forbidden.-
We knew that. That was forbidden. But it feels so good.
I kissed her. A fast lips to lips touch. Only to see her reaction. She smiled and I felt great.
I kissed her more, she kissed me back. I kissed her neck and she moaned:
- Oh... my... I easily forgot you... but now, every piece goes in the right place... everything fits perfectly-
I was already inside of her and she cannot stop moaning. I cannot stop kissing her.

And then I woke up.

Before we took separate ways in our lives, I promised not to dream her. I broke that promise after three years.

Wherever she is... Could her broke the promise too?

Picture by Myoppa Creation

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