lunes, 6 de octubre de 2014

Night hunters

Darkness. No one is in the kitchen, except us. We can see a plate with four big chicken's bones. There are a few rice grains around them.
We are waiting the signal from the scout next to the delicious treasure. He tracks all the remains of the food. Check everywhere. No humans around. He makes the signal to us.
The old general, who have done this mission since I was a little grub, takes a step forward. It is another routine procedure for him.
- Quickly! Eat all you can! Go! go! go!-
We run as fast as we can. I am one of the fastest thanks to the incredible smell of the treasure. I am the first who conquer the biggest chicken's bone and I start to eat. It is even more delicious that I thought.
- Something is wrong...- says the scout next to me, but I don't pay attention to him, neither my brothers and sisters. Everybody is enjoining the fest.
But suddenly, the lights are on. We are discovered by the humans, I'm frozen over the bone.
- RUUUUUUN!- screams the general.
Everybody is running in every direction, but I'm stood still, the sound of hits by the human disoriented me. I have no clue where to run.
BOOM! The hit is next to me. The scout is death above the human's hand, I can see him bleeding, I can heard him screaming and I can do nothing.
The human's hand is coming for me this time, and I just wait for the hit.
- MOOOOOVE, ROOCKIE! - the general runs to me and push me away. I'm falling down from the bone's top and I can see how the human left nothing of the general.
There's no time for tears. I must escape. I return to the gate in the wall.
A distant voice is coming from the bedroom.
- Honey! What's going on in the kitchen? - says a lady.
- Everything is all right!- answers the man, cleaning his hands -Damn roaches! -