miércoles, 27 de agosto de 2014

I dream about her

We promised so many things in the past, and this was one of them. Another broken promise. I dream about her.

We talked a lot about us. We knew all the impossibility that surround us. But after three years without her, I dreamed her for the first time.

She is in another world and I'm surviving in my own. We used to laugh a lot, enjoy our moments with kisses, caresses and sex. I never call her girlfriend, she never call me his boyfriend, we neither celebrate our aniversaries. We were just attracting at each other in an energic way.

I even forgot her. I'm married with two children. I'm happily married with two wonderful children. But even that, I dreamed about her.

I was in my bedroom, alone, when suddenly colorful lights came from the closet. I opened and there she was, exactly like the last time we see each other. Her long blonde hair, her skinny and athletic body, wearing a white blouse and short jeans.
- Look at this - she said to me.- This is so wonderful -
She showed to me a clever game in her mobile phone.
- What are you doing? - I was naked, only covered by the white sheets.
- I don't know - she putted away the cell phone.- I feel so good with you. Like this, this is forbidden.-
We knew that. That was forbidden. But it feels so good.
I kissed her. A fast lips to lips touch. Only to see her reaction. She smiled and I felt great.
I kissed her more, she kissed me back. I kissed her neck and she moaned:
- Oh... my... I easily forgot you... but now, every piece goes in the right place... everything fits perfectly-
I was already inside of her and she cannot stop moaning. I cannot stop kissing her.

And then I woke up.

Before we took separate ways in our lives, I promised not to dream her. I broke that promise after three years.

Wherever she is... Could her broke the promise too?

Picture by Myoppa Creation

viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014

Thiago Kubiak on a mission

Thiago is drinking a a glass of water in a corner, watching all the people surrounded him.

He smiles ocassionally, and when pretty ladies reach to him, he just answers in monosyllables. His full atention is in the golden chains, diamond tiaras and colorful jewel rings used by men and women.

"Hey you... are you the guardian of this corner?" says a green eyes brunette, with a cup of wine in her left hand.

"Hello, miss...?" Thiago answers.

"Miss Klaychewaskim... my pleasure" the brunette extends her right hand. No ring, no chain, no nothing.

"Hello... Miss... It's a pleasure, in deed".

"So... what's the name of the guardian?" says Klaychewaskim.

But Thiago does not answer. His eyes are trapped in a blue gem necklace of a tall blonde lady.

"Hello?", Miss Klaycheswakim insists.

"Oh... right... I'm sorry... my name is Joseph Perez", says Thiago and he drinks the entire glass of water. "I'm sorry, I have to go".

He walks away from the corner, leaving Miss Klaycheswakim with a hard look at him. Thiago is in the beautiful blonde direction. She is standing alone next to the bar.

"Excuse me, my name is Kirk Sanchez, and I would like to know if you dance with me?", says Thiago with his biggest smile.

The blonde looks at him and smile back.

"Sorry. No ingles", she replies.

"Hmmm... Russian?", he insists.

"No, no, no... soy latina. Spanish! Español!", she laughs and starts a fast busload of words in Spanish.

Thiago barely nods, and keep smiling.

"Sí... sí..." he says to all the words that she is saying. He turns around and see two men back to back. He looks at the latina and she is explaying something about a car crash (maybe), her attention is more on her story than in Thiago.

Thiago take a step back, take the butt of one of the man and goes back in front of the blonde.

The man turns and look to the other.

"What do you think are you doing?" and hits the guy. The other man doesn't know whats going on, so kicks back. All the people gather around the fighters.

Even the blonde walks to the center of the circle to see what is going on.

The fighters are separate by a bunch of people. The latina laughs about the incident, then check her neck.

The necklace is gone... also Thiago.


This is an exercise I posted in "The Writer's practice".