miércoles, 17 de septiembre de 2014

Owl, tiger and bear (an introduction)

Nancy was serving three beers and a soda. It was a usually day in her Summer job. The hottest maybe.

"Here we go your drinks, gentlemen. Enjoy", smiles Nancy.

"Danke!" answers the customers at the same time.

Nancy smiles once again and goes to the next table, reclenty leave it by another group of tourists. It was an awesome beach bar, but the sand and the wind makes an uncomfortable combination, so Nancy has to clean often every table.

"Hey Nancy", says a big muscle surfer. His name is Rongo.

"Take out your wet body from my bar's floor, Roni", says Nancy, pushing the big surfer guy.

"Come on, don't call me Roni", says the surfer stepping back a few steps next to his board in the sand.

"You like to be call Roni"

"When I was 11 years old. We are not children anymore", and the big guy winking an eye to the waitress.

An old man walks next to the bar, escorting by two elegant gentlemen. The old man has his clothes full of dirt, mudd and rests of grass.

"Why the sensei doesn't say hello to us?", says Rongo.

Nancy takes a look to the strangers and the sensei going to the parking lot near the beach.

"Let me figure it out", Nancy runs to the gentlemen.

"Excuse me, excuse me...", the three guys stop. "Are you going to pay the debt finally, you old man?"

"I wish to pay, but I need more money", the sensei replies.

"Please, lady, back off, eh?", one of the gentleman goes near Nancy.

"Of course", Nancy takes a few steps back and then she reacts with her knee straight to the guy's balls.

The other gentleman kicks her, but his leg is trapped by the sensei, who breaks it.

Rongo shows up in a red jeep.

"Let's move, people!"

Nancy and the sensei goes in the car, leaving the two elegant gentlemen in the floor. Rongo drives trough the sand straight to a big mountain in the end of the beach.


Originally published in TheWritePractice.com

domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

Hades Delivery

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